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Are you an ambitious lawyer in the regions who is interested in working in the Big Smoke either for a few years or for the rest of your career? Speak to us here at QC Legal. We operate in the regions (our head office is in Manchester) and in London, so we’re far from snobs! What we do get asked by our clients quite often is, “Can you find us quality associates from the regions?” The answer is, as you know as a hard-working and ambitious associate in Leeds or Manchester etc., an unequivocal YES!

London offers a wide variety of roles for solicitors at all levels of PQE in all the disciplines that exist in the regions, but often with wider and deeper specialisms that may not be as commonplace in the regions. Take insolvency. In the regions, this tends to be bank-led work, acting for insolvency practitioners, whereas in the London market the focus tends to be on financial restructuring outside a formal process. It’s not necessarily better, it’s different. And the skills you have will be equally applicable.

You might be surprised to hear that London based firms are very receptive to associates from the regions. They appreciate the work ethic and the quality of experience you have had at your firm. The excellent quality training. Indeed, we have been asked specifically by several U.S. law firms in London to source for them associates from all over the U.K., not just London.

Add to that the fact that London is a cultural and cosmopolitan hub with plenty going on to appeal to anyone from concert venues to top class restaurants, via art galleries and tech shows. You will have so much on your doorstep.

We appreciate that London may be a more expensive place to live and work, but the money is better. At a minimum, a 25% uplift would be common, but in most cases, our candidates find that their salaries have doubled or more.

If what we say interests you, get in touch with us here at QC Legal on 0161 880 0118.