Job Reference: PA/RE/MAN/302

About the job:

Our client is an international law firm with a substantial presence in Manchester. The office has over 250 people working in it and it is completely full service. One area where it is light is in Real Estate. It now seeks to add to its bench strength. OK, so it’s a small team, but that doesn’t mean the firm has neglected the practice or is not interested in it. The absolute converse is true. Your favourite consultant here was sitting in a meeting with the decision makers, both locally and nationally (via con call obviously), very recently – let me assure you there’s no lack of desire or sincerity on their part to do this. And do it right. The problem, as ever, is finding the right person. This brings me from me to you: you are either a legal director or an ambitious junior partner with a desire to build your own practice. The firm does not expect a legal director or senior associate to walk in with a book of business. A partner candidate would – it was ever thus: partner remuneration is largely derived from business generated. But this firm already has work to give you a leg up. Believe it or not, the Manchester practice group is referring work externally as it doesn’t have the internal capacity to do it. This untenable situation is set to change. The point is simply that if you are a legal director, the firm will help you grow your practice to partner level – yes the firm actually wants to make you a partner rather than giving you the old “next year is your year” over-roasted chestnut. If you are a partner with a book, then the firm will happily support you with the additional work which the firm generates and which it is currently unable to service effectively. Moreover, the other offices in the network in the UK (and abroad) will support you. There is a reservoir of goodwill and support across the RE practice to make this work and take the Manchester practice to the top level – where the practice sits nationally. Talk to us today about how you can be a part of that success story.