Job Reference: PA/RES/LON/---
Location:London, UK

About the job:

Hey ho, the sun is shining. Not only is it actually shining (as at date of publication), it is also shining where the sun don’t normally shine, in other words onto restructuring lawyers. Never usually the happiest of souls, they have recently been spotted gambolling in the fields and frolicking in the streets. After many years of stagnation, the market has finally turned and many law firms are gearing up their restructuring teams as they start to experience a real and genuine uptick in work (rather than just the one that you’ve been told was coming, probably since before you qualified). Now is a good time to look at the market at all levels. We are working with law firms who are also looking, and at all levels from NQ to mid-level. It gets slightly harder post 6PQE. Most firms have partnership tracks, so that the longer in the tooth you are, the more guile from your recruiter it takes to successfully move you. We are working with a wide variety of firms from the English stalwarts to the largest U.S. firms in the London market and everything in between. Call Paul Atherton, our resident restructuring expert (many years spent in private practice as a partner in the space) to give you a comprehensive overview of the market and to discuss you options – 07852399266. There has never been a better time than right now to hit the streets.