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legal job searchQC Legal Job Search.
Our Legal Job Search is easy to use. You can search jobs in law by setting parameters like expertise. For example – Family Law, Corporate or Banking. This is in a drop down format for you to chose from the most popular choices. You can also “search jobs” for ideal legal job vacancies by filtering the keyword or phrase within the first box. Finally if you are restricted to a location you can find jobs listed specifically in that area. Choose between towns, cities, counties and even countries. The choice is your to make from our list. All you have to do is apply and send a CV.

QC Legal’s Job Search is all about getting the best fit, long term be it a solicitor job vacancy or an partnership offer. While traditionally we are focused on partners and teams as well as mergers, such has been our success, that our clients are now instructing  us to secure for them the best assistants and associates. Our legal recruitment agency needs you as much as our partnered client so try our Legal Job search for latest jobs in law.


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