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No matter your position, experience or aspirations, we can help. Unlike other recruiters, we put you first, and ensure the legal move you make matches your ambitions – not ours. We recognise the faith you place in us by putting your career in our hands – and we never underestimate the importance of making the right decision. But rather than shirk from the pressure, we’ll happily rise to the challenge, and thrive on fulfilling your needs.

From paralegals to partners, mergers to team moves, we are experts in what we do. No challenge is too big for us, and our success stories back this up. Our business has never relied on mass advertising, rather our growth is almost predominantly based on referrals and word of mouth –  and there is no bigger testament to the success of a business than this.

Offering a genuinely different approach to recruitment, we provide you an opportunity to explain fully what it is you want and where you think you should be, and we aim to realise this for you. We will guide you through every step of the way, from initial contact to bedding in at your new firm. However, unlike other recruiters, once you’re in your new firm, we won’t suddenly disappear onto the next candidate. Our door is always open for you to let us know how you’re getting on, and we can provide any support or guidance as you get to grips with your new position.


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