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Team Moves

One aspect of our business which sets us apart from most legal recruitment firms is our recognised expertise in team moves. Rather than be daunted by the complexity of successfully managing a team move, we thrive on the pressure and demonstrate our true capabilities.

Ambitious law firms are always looking to grow and want to do so in a way which will truly add value to the business. Organic growth can only take you so far. Lateral team moves require the dedication and expertise of skilled consultants on a long term basis to manage expectations and match the aspirations of firm, team and individual.

Team moves add real direction and value to your practice, and have been proven as being one of the strongest methods of growing turnover.
Firms have to be sure that they are investing in the right people who match their ideologies and principles. The best way to do that is with the help of an objective observer who can identify common ground.

By immersing ourselves fully in the process, we can breathe the same air as you and help to drive your business to the next level. Most importantly, we get it right the first time.

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