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6 Positives – CV 19

6 Positives – CV 19

By Caroline Morris


At QC Legal we are always on the lookout for some positive news in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown- it is not all doom and gloom with us! This Wednesday, to help you get over the mid-week slump we thought we might introduce the positive effects global lockdown has had on the environment. Wishing you a happy Wednesday and if you fancy it, please try out our legal crossword puzzle below!

1. Plummeting of air pollution levels. With industry at a virtual standstill do, falls in carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide of as much as 40% globally has been reported by The Guardian; in fact, it’s the first fall in global emissions since 2008-2009 financial crisis. Images released by the European Space Agency, show the decrease in density of the harmful gas. Citizens in Northern India have reported that they are able to see the view of the Himalayan mountain range for the first time in their lives, due to the drop-in air pollution caused by the country’s coronavirus lockdown. Magical!

2. Drop in commercial flights. Mid-March saw air traffic amounts halving in the UK and Europe. International air travel is one of the largest sources of climate emissions worldwide. The global lockdown has forced the skies to clear and air pollution levels to drop.

3. Venice canals have cleared up. The banning of motorised boats transporting day tripper tourists and giant cruise ships has allowed the water to restore to its calm, blue and clear state. Swans, fish and seabirds have been lured back to Venice’s waters and reports state that the canals are the clearest they have been in 60 years.

4. Charities restoring the Planet. Many conservation groups are continuing to restore habitats, improve biodiversity and ramp up campaigns remotely. Rishi Sunak announced a £750m package to support struggling charities during the pandemic.

5. People and nature. Social distancing measures have brought people to rely on their daily outdoor exercise as a recharge in isolation. Lockdown has forced us all to slow down and appreciate our surroundings, inspiring many to develop a growing respect and appreciation for nature, gardens and local walking paths.

6. Animals have reclaimed land. With most National Trust sites being closed to the public, animals have been able to settle in their new surroundings in peace. At the Giant’s Causeway, cows have been reintroduced. This will only improve conservation of the bay.



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