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A lesson from the great Michael Jordan

A lesson from the great Michael Jordan

By Qasim Zahid


Pay attention!!

There is a lesson that everyone of us can learn from a sporting great. These athletes, when at the top of their game, redefined their sports and brought tens of millions of spectators to the game.

We all know them:

Muhammad Ali


Sachin Tendulkar

Michael Jordan

To name a few.

What stands out about all of these athletes? Today we’re going to look at Jordan. But what made him so special? It wasn’t his outstanding skills or talents, not even close. While MJ is without question the greatest basketball player to have ever graced the game, while he had bags of talent, no question, there’s something else that made him standout. Anyone can do the math. His records and his statistics herald him a great, but how did he get there, that’s the question! What made him so great. It’s his IRON MINDSET. Nothing got in the way of his success and climb to the top. He had a single preoccupation which was to get to the top and to shape the game in a way no one had ever done before. The Chicago Bulls became a respectable, and then a revered franchise, all because of MJ.

Listen to what his colleagues and team mates said about him. Michael epitomised pure iron will. His finest example of this?

In 1995 Jordan had just come out of retirement at the age of 32. Many doubted him. The media and punditry class thought he could never re-discover his form. Michael though, having already won 3 championships, had different ideas. He had the IRON MINDSET. Nothing was going to get in his way of repeating his prior success and within, he knew that. When asked to release a statement about his comeback. His reply:

‘I’m back’

That was it. The result?

MJ went on to win another 3 championships with Chicago. Consecutively. A second three-peat. At the age of 35, well after his physical peak.


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