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Author: Caroline Morris

Video Interview Guide: How to Make a Lasting Impression Over Video

By Caroline Morris Video interviews are the new norm and ought to be embraced. Online recruitment is simply a convention we must all adapt to in order to move forwards. To assist you in this journey, here are 5 key tips you might like to consider and utilise in preparation for your video interview: 1….

QC Legal Wordsearch

By Caroline Morris  

How to make the 12 Rules for Life Work for You

By Caroline Morris The Rules of Life are the guiding principles constructed by Jordan B Peterson that are aimed to help you get more out of life, become a happier, calmer, more fulfilled person who is able shrug off adversity more easily. Jordan B Peterson is a highly acclaimed clinical psychologist at the University of…

6 Positives – CV 19

By Caroline Morris   At QC Legal we are always on the lookout for some positive news in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown- it is not all doom and gloom with us! This Wednesday, to help you get over the mid-week slump we thought we might introduce the positive effects global lockdown has had…

Back to Work Strategies for Employers: Health & Safety Standards, Employment Law

By Caroline Morris UK Job Retention Scheme to support Employers and Employees throughout the pandemic crisis Due to the pandemic and the resultant slump in work the government has agreed to pay up to 80% of an employee’s pay, capped at £2,500 per employee per month. There are certain qualifying criteria. The guidance shows that…

Crossword blog: test your legal knowledge

Elizabeth Warren started her career at which Law firm? International giant Dentons continued its growth in which Eastern Asian country? From law to politics, our consultant Caroline Morris provides a quarantine quiz in the form of an interactive crossword.   How to play:   • Click the question you would like to answer   •Enter…

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