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Author: Qasim Zahid

Recap: The Legal Needs Survey

The Legal Needs survey conducted by The Law Society has demonstrated that there is overwhelming public support for legal aid, yet legal aid provision in many areas is disappearing in large parts of England and Wales, creating legal aid deserts. Help for people that the government agrees should be available is simply not there. Current…

Legists under lockdown: Meet Leanne Chan, Conveyancing Paralegal

From remote working to remote hearings, it is no secret that the current lockdown has caused a great deal of disruption in the legal sector. But how are legists navigating during these times? We gained insight from Leanne Chan, a Conveyancing Paralegal who shares her experience and provides advice for those who require legal services….

Lockdown 2.0 and public access to legal advice

By Claudia Coote On Saturday evening, the Prime Minister announced that the UK would enter a four-week lockdown which has resulted in further frustration and speculation as to whether this will be a repeat of March, with extended restrictions. But what does this mean for public access to legal advice? Solicitors’ leaders have warned that…

Delivering excellence: a constant.

By Qasim Zahid Recently, I was scrolling through some of the work me and my colleagues have done over the past year. LinkedIn, the website, every platform we have our brand on, etc. And then I came across something very special. A review from earlier this year. A review which really crystallised why we do…

Reaching Out

By Qasim Zahid You have support everywhere. Just tap in to the right channels. You’ll be surprised just how effective a short text/call can be. Picture this. You’re sat at home. If you’re fortunate, you’ll be busy doing your work. What next after you’ve finished? Well, you and I both know that with the economy…

Why you need sunshine

By Qasim Zahid Rejoice! The UK is basking in sunshine. 25, 30 degrees. Hot, sweltering & glorious sunshine. Enjoy. Relax. Take it all in. If you’ve had the displeasure of living in the North the past month, you’ll know WHY the last couple of days mean so much. June has been miserable. May was mediocre….

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