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How can In-house roles fit into legal careers?

How can In-house roles fit into legal careers?

We are seeing increasing demand for in-house roles. Many private practice lawyers, who have had the graft of four to five years in private practice behind them, see in-house roles as a new age role. It represents different things to different people – a better work-life balance, a more diversified role, and the list goes on…

 Having spoken to many lawyers (exceptional lawyers at that) considering a move in-house we unpack some of the common push factors we are accustomed to hearing. A better work life balance. This is perhaps one of the biggest stereotypes assuming in-house roles. Similar quality of work, but as a facilitator meaning that you can be home for dinner, whilst law firms who have won your tenders do the long night grafts- what could be better? Think again. It is far too simplistic to assume that in-house roles offer better work-life balance – in our experience, it varies in across different sectors, business sizes, and different corporate cultures. That being said, in some circumstances, in-house roles can provide a better work-life balance. 

 There are however more creative reasons for pursuing in-house roles. Gaining a deeper understanding of a particular sector and client is one. LinkedIn is sprinkled with profiles of senior associates and partners who have gone back into practice after a stint as in-house counsel or a client secondment – perhaps the client will even follow them in any later career move. In a nutshell, done right a move in-house could help you get the edge that will put you on the track towards senior associateship or partnership. Done wrong, a long stint in a less than technical in-house legal role could close the doors to certain private practice opportunities. 

 Please contact us if you wish to unpack other potential benefits of in-house roles. For a confidential discussion about your career, please get in touch.


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