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A new year: will 2014 see financial rewards for solicitors?

Firms across the UK recently closed the books on 2013-14; a new financial year brings revised strategies and fresh targets but will it also see increased remuneration for legal advisers? Whilst each firm is individual in its salary structure, it is still commonplace for businesses throughout the industry to band pay according to experience. As…

The end of the pre-pack?

Following on from our article in the newsletter, as predicted (not just by us!) the pre-pack practice is to come under scrutiny. ┬áThe Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are to review pre-pack administration later in the spring, after controversies surrounding the insolvency vehicle which seemingly leaves creditors with little to recoup. ┬áThere is no…

Christmas Newsletter – It’s a cracker!

Answers to our (terrible!) jokes: 1. Because he comes down chimneys when he’s got Claus-trophobia! 2. A Christmas Quacker! 3. No, he was Elf-taught! 4. Frostbite! 5. By icicle! 6. Deep pan, crisp and even! 7. A mince spy! 8. Tinselitis! 9. He got 24 days! 10. Jungle bells! (and King Kong merrily on high!)

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