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Delivering excellence: a constant.

Delivering excellence: a constant.

By Qasim Zahid

Recently, I was scrolling through some of the work me and my colleagues have done over the past year. LinkedIn, the website, every platform we have our brand on, etc.

And then I came across something very special.

A review from earlier this year. A review which really crystallised why we do what we do. A review which tells us what we did right, and what lessons we can take from it going forward.

‘An amazing service.’

‘Always ready to help whenever they could.’

‘You could tell they genuinely cared and were invested in you.’

Each one is a nice touch. I must admit it’s flattering to receive this level of feedback from someone you’ve worked with, but more importantly, it’s what I, the team, or any working professional has got to aspire to.

In a nutshell, how can I, or we, ensure that we always deliver excellence. Not good, but excellent customer service, all the time. Listen to your customers. Understand their needs, wants, concerns. Always ask questions and never assume!

This brings me to our 3 main tips:

LISTEN. I’ve already mentioned this. You must learn to listen.

SPEED: be quick to come back to your customers. Sometimes it’s a short email or a quick text. Let them know you’re here for them. That you work on their level. They will trust you with future projects. If a task needs doing, do it asap. However, never confuse speed with doing a shoddy job. Always put 100% into the task.

CARE: once you’ve delivered for them, make sure to stay in touch. Connect. Say hello. Ask your customers how they are faring? They will respect you for it. Good care is rare. It rhymes so remember it.

For more tips and the latest in business excellence, make sure to watch this space.


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