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Joe Exotic got screwed over by the very people he relied on

Joe Exotic got screwed over by the very people he relied on

The Tiger King’ Netflix Mega-Hit proves that you must be careful with who you trust

If you’ve watched The Tiger King, you fall into two camps:


‘Joe got what was coming to him ‘

‘He deserved to be incarcerated for what he did.’

‘Joe was a bad guy’

‘He mistreated his loved ones and his staff’


‘Joe’s innocent’

‘Release the mullet king’

‘Joe’s incarceration is an example of a failed judicial and penal system’

‘Carole Baskin killed her husband!’

I had heard and read them all. Then I came across a video of someone discussing The Tiger King. This guy had nailed it.

Every single one of the above comments misses the KEY point to the show. The Tiger King isn’t about whether you’re pro or anti Joe, whether Carole Baskin killed her husband or not etc. None of these matter.

What is the point of the show then?

That when the chips are down, even those you thought you could trust can turn their back on you. Clearly, Joe picked the wrong people to trust. His situation is not universal. There are plenty of good people you can rely on. Family. Relatives. Friends. All perfectly good choices.

Why is any of this relevant?

Because this is a lesson for life, business and relationships. In almost any realm of human endeavour you can think of, the treacherous behaviour of those closest to Joe are lessons we can learn from.

If you’re reading the above and you have ZERO idea what I’m talking about, my question to you is this:

Where have you been for the past 4 weeks? This show is the MOST successful show in Netflix’s history. There are kids making Tiktoks out of this. It’s taken the Internet by storm. It’s must-see television.

Secondly, pause now. Turn on Netflix & watch the whole show. Thank me later.

I won’t reveal anymore. You can guess how this all ends up for Joe. However, try watching the show in its entirety. Make note of how those he trusted ended up conspiring against him. Make your mind up on what camp you fall in.

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