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Linkedln #2 – Enhancing Your Profile Engagement

Linkedln #2 – Enhancing Your Profile Engagement

By Aruba Abid

A little time and energy can mean the difference between a static page and growing your professional brand.

For those who want to build their business or expand their professional network, LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms to make connections. When used to its full potential, it can help raise your profile among those who are in a position to support your business or efforts. The problem is, most people aren’t maximizing their profiles, resulting in wasted opportunities.

Like many mindful activities like clearing out the clutter in our offices, users needn’t spend hours a day on LinkedIn to see positive results. Being mindful of how you use it could mean the difference between generating solid leads and securing business or simply taking up space with nothing compelling to offer. Here are seven ways to maximize your LinkedIn profile and start seeing the types of results you want to grow your professional brand.

Schedule regular updates: Just like many of us change the batteries in our smoke alarms every fall and winter, make it a habit to update your profile every month, quarter, or, at a minimum, at the end of each calendar year. By scheduling it during a specific time period, you’re more likely to do it.

  • Update your professional headshot: It’s not necessary to schedule a professional photo shoot to get a great headshot but your headshot shouldn’t look like a mug shot. This is your professional face, after all, and the image you’re presenting to people who may not ever meet you in real life. According to LinkedIn, a great profile photo increases views by 21 times and produces nine times more connection requests.
  • Ø Ask for recommendations: I use the end of a big project or calendar year to ask a handful of clients if they’d share a recommendation via LinkedIn. It’s great social proof, and I’ve been able to direct prospects to those recommendations when I’m pitching new business.
  • Recognise good work: See a good story that you want to share? Include the author’s name. Have a great experience with a particular business? Share props in your post. It not only provides them with recognition, it shows your connections that you care about your community and want to share good information with them.
  • Ø Write better content: Most people use social media for one overarching reason: to drive traffic somewhere. But when it comes to LinkedIn, keeping people on the platform itself can often produce better engagement. While it’s nice to have some clicks on your latest post, it likely isn’t your cash cow tactic.

Want real engagement? Stop sharing links that 99 percent of your audience is ignoring. It’s not worth it. Instead, take advantage of LinkedIn’s fantastic native content system and produce short stories that hook your audience in without forcing them off the platform or disrupting their session. While this won’t drive direct traffic to your site, you’re going to be focusing on the long game. Hooking people and branding yourself at the same time.

Good content wins people over every single time. And you don’t need to win them over on your own site at first.

LinkedIn is not a one-way street: We see social media as this tool to reach the masses with our content. And sure, people engage with it. But we often don’t engage back. We just assume that people will click, comment, and engage.

The cycle looks something like this for most professionals:

Create new blog post -> publish live -> load into Buffer -> repeat.

See what’s missing? Actual engagement and effort. But if there isn’t reciprocity, you can’t expect continued engagement. Comment on your post. Spark discussions on a blog post. Ask for feedback. Actually, respond to comments. Don’t just post, leave, and expect unlimited traffic.

Better yet; genuinely ask people to give their opinion on subjects that you want to learn more about. Seek other ideas and open the discussion to anyone. Start treating your LinkedIn audience like real people. Talk to them. Explore their thoughts on your niche or tactical ideas.

Humans love real conversations. Shocker, right?

“Building up your LinkedIn presence takes time, Keep at it even if you don’t see results instantly. The effectiveness of this strategy will grow with every connection you make and every post you share.” – By Aruba Abid

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