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Meet Our Team: Qas Zahid

Meet Our Team: Qas Zahid

We recently sat down with Qas Zahid, Senior Legal Consultant at QC Legal. Here, he explains how he has navigated in the field of Law and how this has impacted his personal and professional life. In particular, he shares the common misconceptions about working in legal recruitment and provides general advice.

Tell us about yourself?

I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. I’m much more comfortable talking than I am typing. Right now, my position is a Senior Consultant at QC Legal. I happen to sit alongside a really interesting, eclectic, high performing group. All unique in our own way. My work covers lateral paralegal, associate and legal director moves, predominately in Manchester, and some crossover into Leeds, London, Liverpool and Scotland. There’s so much variety. I also manage a number of key relationships, particularly with clients that we use for social media/business marketing and outreach (The Lawyer, LinkedIn etc). I see myself as that important team conduit: learning from the more experienced and cascading that down to the more junior teams members.

What is your background?

I grew up in the friendliest town in Yorkshire (Halifax!). Worked hard throughout my school years and studied Law at University of Leeds. A pretty big deal – I was the first in my family to get into higher education, and only one of two people from my high school year who managed to break into a Russel Group University (remember this for later).

However, further education just wasn’t for me. I graduated, got a job straight away and became a manager in the hospitality and food sector (sold and made desserts). I even worked as a paralegal at a small firm. Whilst I can see myself thriving in the law, I yearned for something else. Something new, exciting. That’s when I got a call from the other person who got into a RG University (see above). She was interning at QC Legal. I was invited in for an interview and was offered the job on the day. I accepted. QC Legal was exactly what I was looking for. Since then, and in a nutshell, I like helping people, and I’m good at managing hope and expectations.

What inspired you to work in this industry and what are your proudest professional accomplishments?

The conversation with my Directors (Ben Haider, MD and Amelia Rose, Director) got the ball rolling. There was so much scope to develop. And I don’t mean even mean develop as a ‘recruiter’. I’m talking about in every facet of life. Philosophically, emotionally, socially and intellectually, to cover just a few bases.  My role is so multifaceted – attending client pitches; managing headhunt assignments; being Chief Liaison between our external business partners and us; looking at marketing from a fresh perspective; most of all, smiling.  The biggest of all – each day is a new learning challenge.

I can’t pick any accomplishment in particular, but I suppose surpassing my billing targets in year 2, whilst only spending eight months in the office (for personal reasons), will always stick with me. I only have the business (the team, and especially my directors) to thank for that, who gave me totally unparalleled levels of support!

What myths can you dispel about Legal Recruitment and what is your general advice?

To preface, some of these are mistakes/assumptions which I’ve made. I’ve learned from cold hard experience. Take note:

  • To dispel the myth, ‘recruitment is easy and anyone can do it’.  Working at the level we do, it’s a highly sophisticated, service led, challenging and stressful work environment.  You need to be on top of your individual game to even begin to enhance the journey of others’.
  • Increasingly, recruitment at our level is about being ‘best in class’ and offering a service that reflects the gravity of the need.  Recruitment is a hard work industry and hours’ intensive.  There is no easy roadmap to success.
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation.  Be at starter’s orders!  Know your journey.  Know your aspirations.  Be willing to take passengers on that journey with you.  Always be looking to invest in your personal brand.
  • Get the fee in at any cost.  No, no, no!  You must have a code of morals and ethics and you have to live by that code.  It’s never about you; it’s only ever about the clients and the candidates.
  • I’m just a recruiter!(?).  No.  You’re much more than that!  You’re a deal doer; and influencer; a problem solver; a people strategist.  You’re a professional busy at work.

What inspires you? 

  • My faith.
  • Being the best I can be. Day by day.
  • Staying physically/emotionally/intellectually strong.
  • Christopher Nolan movies.

Favourite quote?

‘It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than to be a gardener in a war.’

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