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National Careers Week: 5 steps toward a career in law

National Careers Week: 5 steps toward a career in law

It’s National Careers Week! Here at QC Legal, we are proud to support the annual celebration of career guidance in education across the UK. Having worked closely with a prestigious list of corporates and law firms, our team of legal experts share their knowledge to bridge education with the world of employment, at times quite a long bridge!

Thinking about a career in law? Here are 5 key steps toward a successful legal future:

Demonstrate Commercial Awareness

Whether you are studying law or not, a firm foundation of commercial awareness is essential as you embark on your career. Reading weekly legal and financial magazines, listening to informative radio shows or podcasts and watching the news will help you keep abreast of the political and economic issues affecting the legal marketplace. Recruiters and employers look for candidates who have the ability to showcase this awareness, can demonstrate a solid understanding of business and have a certain je ne sais quoi!

Be Proactive

Initiative, initiative, initiative. It is imperative that you can demonstrate extra and/or different. Place yourself at the forefront of opportunity by actively seeking work experience, volunteering, attending debating societies and open days. Show your interest by researching firms and their processes for a better insight of contracts and schemes that they have to offer. Think strategic positioning – what can you do to stand out?

Prepare a Cover Letter

It is never too early to prepare a cover letter. A cover letter should highlight the reasons why you are most suitable for a particular role, bespoke to the firm you are applying to. With lots of other qualified and keen candidates out there competing for roles, this is an opportunity for stand out from the crowd. Often overlooked, a cover letter has the potential to set you apart from your peers and help you secure the career of your dreams.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn isn’t just for top executives. It is the perfect place to start your professional story and seek employment. Get building your professional network now. Be noticeable. Optimise your LinkedIn profile with a professional photo (not a selfie!), your skills, your endorsements; show off, within reason. 

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At QC Legal, we want to partner with you. Your career (aspirations) mean everything to us. With a clients that extend from Europe to Hong Kong and Singapore, UAE, our expertise is all about making it happen.  With are that extra mile!  Register as a candidate and become part of the QC Legal journey

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