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Network Is Everything

Network Is Everything

By Qasim Zahid

How many times have we heard this?

‘Network is everything’

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’

At some point in our lives we were told this. It was hammered into our minds, first at university, then law college, then as trainees, then for the rest of our careers. At some point in that continued programming phase, we might even begin to doubt the value to our education! All that hard work. Was it just a way to keep your teachers happy? Your parents too? Wasn’t the hard work for the results that flowed what it was all about? Yes, possibly, but only to an extent. A carpenter always has more than one tool in his box. Different tools have different purposes.

The reaction? Embrace it. This is how the world works. Accept that networking is as important, if not more so, than your university credentials. Turn the whole business language to your advantage.

Stay attached to your education. A high achiever will always get noticed by the right people. If you’ve ever done exceptionally well at university, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just make sure you’re constantly building connections. Stay ahead of the game.
Turn the focus of your network away from school or work colleague. There’s more to your ‘network’ than you realise. Be prepared to cast the net wide.

More to my network? What are you talking about Qas? I only hear the word ‘network’ banded around at school or work!

Friends + Family = Key Network

Put simply, you need a network of support around you at ALL TIMES in order for you to succeed. Whatever your mission, you need your friends and family with you on that same mission. They’re your secret weapon. The ones who really believe in you, at all times, no matter what.

How Qas?

Look at all your friends. Which one of your friends shares the same ambitions as you? Who can you trust? Whose living a life that you wish to emulate? Who do you need to bring on your TEAM?! If the answer is 0, then you need to review your immediate network and shake it up a little! Make new friends. Introduce change.
Your family? You can’t change or discard your family. Blood is blood. Instead, identify the ones who believe in your mission. Get all the help you need from them. Bring them in to your network. You can enhance their journey and vice versa.

This is just a simple exercise for you. For more, email me on qasim.zahid@qclegal.com

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