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Pancake quiz!

Pancake quiz!

So, just how much did you know about Pancake Day?  Answers to the newsletter quiz below:

  1. Where does the word ‘shrove’ come from? From the word ‘shrive’ meaning confess, often before the start of the fasting and penitential season, and after the Carnival season.
  2. Many of us may need to use up rich ingredients such as eggs, milk and sugar before Lent, but what do those in Iceland eat?  On Bursting Day they traditionally eat salted meat and peas.
  3. And how do those in Finland mark the occasion?  They eat green pea soup and pastries and go sledging!
  4. In Newfoundland, what are frequently cooked in the pancakes?  Small tokens, mainly for children, which are intended to be divinatory (person who receives a coin will be wealthy, etc).
  5. Many places still have pancake races, but, in olden day England, as part of the community celebrations, what was the more common tradition in towns (and that is still maintained in a number of towns such as Alnwick and Sedgefield)?  A ‘mob football’ game, dating back as far as the 12th century, but which mostly died out in the 19th century.
  6. True or False?  Shrove Tuesday was once a ‘half-holiday’ in England, with the working day finishing at 11am?  True!  Maybe we should bring it back…
  7. Why is the date of Pancake Day different every year?  Shrove Tuesday is always 47 days before Easter Sunday, but it is the feast of Easter that moves based on the cycles of the moon.
  8. What is the current world record for the most pancakes flipped in 1 minute:  77, 97 or 117?  117! By chef Aldo Zilli.

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