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Q&A with Paul Jonson – Managing Partner of Pannone Corporate

Q&A with Paul Jonson – Managing Partner of Pannone Corporate



  1. Name: Paul Jonson
  2. Firm/Position: Managing Partner, Pannone Corporate
  3. What are you most proud of? Being part of the group of partners from Pannone LLP that acquired the majority of the commercial business of Pannone to form Pannone Corporate.
  4. What’s your biggest ever blunder?  Not trying to form Pannone Corporate several years ago.
  5. Starting a ‘new’ firm is never easy. Has anything surprised you? We have been delighted with the performance of our new business – the loyalty of so many clients and staff has pleasantly surprised me.
  6. How do you see the market playing out and where do you see Pannone Corporate within it? The market will continue to consolidate. Manchester will continue to attract new entrants including more City firms. We are excited and energised by the present climate. Clients increasingly want to see value in the fee proposition from their lawyers– the lessons learned by clients in the recession will not be forgotten. For law firms that focus on their service delivery and have the ability to deliver their work in the way the client wants (and not simply the way the firm has always produced it) will continue to do well. I think Manchester was crying out for a focussed boutique commercial law firm offering quality work at sensible fee rates.
  7. What advice would you give a young lawyer looking to make his/her way in the legal profession? Be sure you really want it. To succeed will take years of effort and dedication and it is not for the faint hearted, however the rewards will be there for talented ambitious lawyers – particularly those who have a genuine aptitude for forming lasting relationships with clients.
  8. If you could do it all again, what would you be now and why? As a boy I wanted to fly fighter jets. Vertigo and short sight soon put paid to that dream.
  9. Where are you going/have you been on your summer holidays? I visited New York in the Spring and am heading to the Scottish Highlands in a couple of weeks. I have also been to Turkey, Sweden and France on business this year.
  10. Great British Bake Off is back. What’s your signature bake/dish?
    Baking is a mystery to me but I like the chemistry between Paul and Mary. I can rustle up a mean bangers and mash though.

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