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QC Watch. w/c 27th March

QC Watch. w/c 27th March

QC WATCH – W/C 27th April 2020

A look at the relevant and key stories, just breaking ground in the legal world and the economy. QC Legal is your go to resource for what’s what.

We have had a successful week here at QC, meaning we are still offering ongoing, committed & unrivalled support to clients and colleagues alike. Our time is constantly filled speaking to you, updating our social media, compiling reports, writing blogs etc. The truth is, there are many of ways to optimise your time right now, especially with the economy as it is.

The links to our website and our channels will be below. Check them out. Don’t miss a step.

Before we head off into the weekend, here is a list of the FOUR most significant news stories and insights that QC Legal has uncovered this week.

  1. Project RESTART THE ECONOMY may be on:The government is slowly beginning to recognise that they must get the economy back on its feet. Though, there is still some heavy reluctance. Some politicians and (according to some polls) large sectors of the population don’t want lift-off. People are fearful right now.What may happen?The government begins to re-open the economy, but slowly. Many ministers are urging for this to happen quicker. There is serious concern that we may have over-estimated the severity of Covid-19 at the expense of people’s livelihoods. The true scale will only be revealed in the coming months. At this stage, the only certainity points to Thursday. There is talk that some relaxed measures will be announced.The good news?

    Countries are opening up. Cases are down. Worldwide. In the UK, the ‘peak’ appears to be past us. Let’s hope for clarity come Thursday.

  1. Salary cuts are real & they’re happening.Squire’s have just announced that they are due to cut salaries by 20% for associates, and 10-20% cuts for their global support staff.At DAC Beachcroft, partners are also bearing pay cuts.These firms are just the tip of the iceberg. Expect more cuts in the coming weeks.
  1. Promotions at DLA PiperGreat news. The US-UK juggernaut has announced 67 lawyers are to be appointed as partners across 35 countries.Even more impressive given they’ve had to furlough much of their UK staff. Disputes lawyers make up a third of all promotions. Eleven are from the UK.
  1. Get fit or get lostDaily blogs. At your fingertips. If you want to know the latest news, what’s what, tips and unmissable content, then check out our blog section.Our consultants are keeping an eye on what is going on so you don’t have to.Want fitness advice? Of course you do. Unlock brand awareness? Why not? Figure out back to work strategies? No Excuses. It’s all here.Link below. Don’t miss out.




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