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Reaping the rewards of recession

Reaping the rewards of recession

By Ben Haider

Recessions are not new, and it’s how we react to them, the teams we put around to cope with the fall out and to pave a way through the fog, that will determine how quickly and successfully we come out of the recession and where we sit. There are always winners and losers! While the Pandemic has resulted in the euphemistic use of the word ‘unprecedented’ – it’s how we react to what’s going on, how we challenge existing behaviours and how we adapt to new norms that will determine how quickly we can turn it around. My tips:

This is a time for policymakers, CEOs, CFOs, Managing and Senior Partners, business owners – small or big – to step out and to step up. There is a reason why you were elected or appointed into those roles. Take a deep breath, pause, think, visualise, share and run with.

Ben Haider is Managing Director of QC Legal, a highly regarded Legal Recruitment business with genuine international reach. Ben.haider@qclegal.com and/or 07976 033043.

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