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Relocation: To Move or Not to Move?

Relocation: To Move or Not to Move?

With more and more opportunities arising in the legal jobs market at the moment, QC Legal is perfectly positioned to ensure your next career step is the right one for you. But what if your new role sees you move more than just your firm?

You know you want a change but nothing in the local market fits the bill; are you willing to consider a move further afield for greater opportunity? QC Legal enjoys a far-reaching national and international network and we regularly work with candidates who are looking to widen their legal career horizons by relocating.

Josh Barrow, consultant at QC Legal, engineered such a successful move for a candidate recently:

“I spoke to a new contact, based in Manchester, who was interested in a change of firm within the city. In passing, I mentioned a role at a magic circle firm which would have been ideal but would of course mean moving to and working from London. The more the candidate thought about it, the more appealing it became; roles at magic circle firms rarely become available and, when they do, they are quickly snapped up by other City lawyers. QC Legal has a good relationship with this particular firm and we put our candidate forward. The rest, as they say, is history; he is now enjoying his new career in the heart of the City of London, having successfully relocated to the capital. We were delighted to be able to introduce him to a move which he had previously not considered.”

Work is the most common reason for people to relocate to new cities or countries. But is the time right for you? We’ve picked out a few top tips to consider if you’re thinking about pursuing employment opportunities outside your current area:

  • Is the job the right one for you?

A career move should always be researched carefully but never more so than when you have invested so much personal commitment in relocating to somewhere new. You must be absolutely sure that the job is the right fit; speak to friends and contacts and work closely with your recruitment consultant to get answers to all questions as you work through the application process. Get to know your new surroundings and working environment and think long-term; will the arrangement work for you and your family further down the line?

  • Ensure the benefits of relocating outweigh the downsides.

It sounds straightforward, but write a list (with your partner and family as well). The benefits may be better career prospects and an increased salary, but if these are counterbalanced by higher living costs and fewer employment opportunities for your partner, is the move going to be worth it?

  • Set a budget!

Will your new employer contribute towards relocation expenses or will your move be self-funded? The costs may be endless so set a sensible budget to work within from the outset.

  • What if things don’t work out?

Make sure you have a back-up plan; circumstances may dictate that you need to move back, whether for personal or employment reasons. You may choose to rent out your current home so that you have the option to move back. Leave your existing employer on good terms; you are pursuing a unique opportunity so work together to make your departure as smooth as possible. You never know whether you will need them again in future.

QC Legal has offices in Manchester and Birmingham and our contact base extends nationally and internationally. We have many vacancies available throughout the UK and abroad and we work with candidates to find the most suitable role for them. We specialise in legal recruitment, including relocation moves; if you would like to speak to us about opportunities available for you, please contact us:

Tel: 0161 880 0118 

Email: joshua.barrow@qclegal.com

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