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Stand Out From The Crowd!

Stand Out From The Crowd!

If you’re in business, the last thing you want is to be yet-another-business that few have heard of, beyond your existing customer base. Here are 6 different ways your business can stand out from the crowd, increase its profile and win more work. The following I have taken from various sources, including from talking to people who run their own businesses. Strategies that I have personally employed to get my own business to the scale that it’s at today.

Make sure you read all six and start implementing things that you have learned straight away, as your competition could be one step ahead of you!

Legendary Customer Service:

Countless businesses say that their service is what makes them different. But just saying it, isn’t enough – especially in such a teeming market of competition. Treat your customers and clients like royalty. Even if you’re not specifically in the service industry. All customers have an expectation of great service and will not put up with long holds or poor response times from you or your representatives. Around 75% of consumers consider customer service the truest test of a company’s competence. You not only deliver that awesome service, but you make it even better than anyone else, otherwise you’re just another fish in a big ocean.

Come Up With Something New:

Continue to reinvent your company by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products and solutions. Disrupt yourself! Who remembers when Netflix delivered to your door? For example, make use of social media and mobile apps as a growing number of buyers prefer to find and work with you through their phones. Blog. Use attention–grabbing devices to stand out from the crowd. However, to be effective, the underlying product or service must be up to par, if not beyond.

Honesty Is The Best Policy:

Honesty is not just the best policy; it should be your main policy! Can’t deliver by a due date? Call and let your buyer know. One of your field reps has messed up? Immediately have a tough conversation with your client. Admit the error, without apportioning blame and say how it will be rectified and by when. Lying or being insincere to your customers is shooting yourself in the foot. If your customer thinks you are dissembling, they will lose faith and may even spread negative commentary about your business.

Be Old School:

I know this sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but the basic parts of running a business can easily get forgotten about, or more commonly let drift as your business expands. So, what is an example of old school? Things like emailing a customer back in good time, with a personal touch to it. No robots and quite simply treating people as you would like to be treated – adding a little bespoke thing at the start of an email can completely change the reaction of the receiver.

Create A Dream Team:

We can’t always score the winning goal on our own – we need a team around us to help set it up, block the defence and pass the ball. The same applies to making your business stand out from the crowd; you have to create a trusted dream team, and that includes partners and customers as well as your own staff. You need a fearless brand leader, loyal staff, and the support of customers. These are the people who will together set your business apart. This dream team can be difficult to construct but get it right, and you will be able to take on the world.

Create A Unique Value Proposition:

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to stand out for the sake of standing out. You would be standing out like a sore thumb if you don’t get this last bit right. Your customers need to feel like they are getting some extra value from your business which makes you different from the rest of your peers. This means making your products/services better, having more competitive prices or simply offering more bang for the buck. Remember that people also love freebies. Add extra where you can. It doesn’t have to cost your business much, if anything. Value is everything when it comes to standing out from the competition. As one lawyer said, “You are not paying for one hour of my time, you are paying for 20 years of my experience”.

Standing out in a crowd of competitors is no easy task, and it’s getting more difficult all the time. If your competitors are doing something you like, adapt the idea and do better. Or better yet, take on board everything those around you are doing and do something completely different!


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