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Surviving in the corporate world!

Surviving in the corporate world!

By Aruba Abid

Getting a job is difficult enough in itself, but to survive and thrive in a corporate environment can be even more challenging. When I received an interview letter from the first company I subsequently worked for, no one could have been happier – it was a sense of achievement even to get an opportunity to pitch for my first job after completing my education. We have talked about interview techniques in other blogs (and we are always here to offer advice!), but let’s say you smash it; how do you survive once you’re in the door at your first ever “proper” job?

QC Legal has some tips to help you understand how to survive in the corporate world:

Get Ready for a Hard Schedule

Gear yourself up for a change in your life schedule and be ready to face a life of being serious! You will now be expected to work eight hours or more; deliver on your projects; perhaps you will have assignments to complete or workshops on weekends and your after-hours also may be taken up by workplace issues not to mention stress.
QC Legal says… Being disciplined, Eating healthily and Staying happy are all key components of a successful career, so start off on the right foot…..

Look Good: Adhere to workplace etiquette, attire and always be well-groomed. Look clean and maintain good hygiene. Looking handsome or beautiful is not what is required, but you should look presentable and well turned out at all times. How you appear will immediately impact on people’s perceptions of you, particularly first impressions, – of which there will be many in your first role.

Learn to Be Punctual

It was OK to be late at college where your teachers were lenient on you most of the time perhaps because they considered you like unruly children and cut you some slack. But, in the workplace, you will be counted as an adult and hence you need to learn to be self-dependent. Being late to the office is a strict no-no, especially in your first job. Be punctual every day! (not just most days). That is one way to show that you are serious about the job.

Be a Team Player

Participate in team activities enthusiastically and lend a hand where you can. When you show your team spirit and team-working skills, you will be automatically liked, and you will have an easier time being part of the office group.

Keep Looking for Challenges

Your first job should be full of challenges and if it is not, it is frankly not worth pursuing. If you find your regular job responsibilities to be boring, approach your boss and request more challenging work. The more demanding the work you take up in your first job, the better the success which awaits you later.

Never Let Go of Your Values and Morals

A job is important alright, but if it is going to mean that you must compromise on your ideals and values, then it is best not to continue in it. You will never be happy in a place where you are questioning daily the methods and policies which contradict your values. Remember, each day of your first job is important and hence it is better to find a place where you fit in.
Final Words…… The corporate world can be confusing and intimidating at first, but as you gel into the office culture, you will find the going easier. Take each step wisely and do not hurry, either about opinions or strategies too early on. A career is a marathon, not a sprint.





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