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The Dumb Guide To Staying Corona-fit

The Dumb Guide To Staying Corona-fit

Tens of millions of people in the UK and billions worldwide find themselves locked in their homes.

This is a completely unprecedented situation. Unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.


Understandably, corona has got people worried. However, amongst the drab there is plenty to enjoy. Many European nations have started their exit strategy. Italy will follow Spain, who followed Germany, in being the first to ease restrictions. Britain will soon follow. The nations of the world are opening up. We are winning the fight.

Though do not expect business as usual to resume so quickly. We will remain under strict supervision in the short term at least, barring no recurrence.

Now, more than ever, is the PERFECT opportunity for you to prioritise your health. We’ll cover the basics.

What’s great about all of this, is that it’s easy. Just what works.

Before we begin, a reminder.

  • If you’re seriously unwell, or are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus, it goes without saying that you should STAY AT HOME and get plenty of REST.
  • Please check with a medical professional before you digest any supplements, particularly if you have a pre-existing health conditions.

For anybody who wants some additional tips/advice, be sure to get in touch with Qas on qasimzahid@qclegal.com.



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