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The QC Legal Fitness Challenge. Daily Workout – Part 3

The QC Legal Fitness Challenge. Daily Workout – Part 3

Take a deep breath.

We’re almost at the end of the weekly workout.

Just one more workout to do before we reach the end. Hear that? That’s the sound of victory approaching.

You can read part 1 and part 2 . Remember, no cheating! You must follow this chronologically IF you want to see results.

To recap:

Part 1 – Chest, Triceps & Shoulder. Do this on Days 1 & Days 4

Part 2 – Legs – Do this on Days 2 & Days 5

Part 3??? – Biceps & Back day. Do this Days 3 & Days 6.

Day 7 is rest. When the week is over, rinse & repeat from Day 1.

Do not diverge from the above formula if you want to see RESULTS.

Let’s jump in to the workout:

5 sets of chinups or pullups. Aim for 4-12 reps. Repeat the sets with the same number if reps.

Facepulls/Incline Rows. Aim for 5 sets with somewhere between 8-20 reps for each set. Repeat the sets with the same number of reps.

For this, you’re going to want to get inventive! Use a bed sheet. The video explains all.

Bicep Push ups. 5 sets of anywhere between 6-12 reps. Same rules apply as above.

Table Rows. 5 sets of 6-10 reps. Same rules as above. This is my favourite!

That does it for the workout section.


As per Part 1 & Part 2, only ONE rule applies. If you’re over 15% bodyfat, you only eat ONE meal a day!

If you’re under, well done. You are in the minority. You can have 2.

The rules for meals? Only meat, vegetables, fruits & healthy fats allowed. No healthy carbs if you’re overweight. You may snack on nuts, only once per day!


Regardless of bodyfat, you should be walking 1-3 miles a day.

And thats the end of the challenge.

You’ve got the answers. The secrets to better health have been unlocked. All for free too! Now it’s up to you. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones down.

You can do this!

Post your updates to us on our Instagram page. You can find us on username:legalqc.

Let’s do this!

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