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The QC Legal Fitness Challenge – Part 2

The QC Legal Fitness Challenge – Part 2

If you’ve missed out on Workout 1, you can click the link right here to direct you.

Congratulations. If you’re still reading this you are going to be successful in losing weight.

You have joined an elite club.

You’ve already passed the first workout. Remember, the first workout is to repeated on Day 1 & Day 4 of your weekly challenge. Workout 2 begins on Day 2 and finishes on Day 5.

Let’s begin:


I know, I know. Leg day is the worst day. It hurts, it’s painful. Lots of muscles get worked & lots of injuries happen.

Guess what? Everyone HATES leg day. Nobody thinks it’s sexy or cool. It isn’t meant to be.

What it’s meant to be is a SERIOUS workout. The legs are supposed to be mobilised so that you can add FULL BODY strength. It’s the foundation. Do not neglect it.

So here’s how we’re going to do this. Make sure to watch all the guides:


The same principle as before applies here.

If you are over 15% body fat, eat ONE meal a day. Only protein and healthy fats. Veggies & Fruits too.

If you are under 15% body fat, eat TWICE a day with the same meal plan mentioned above.


Walk for 1-2 miles a day. 3 miles if you are over 15% body fat.

That’s it! Your second part of the tripartite Belly Buster Challenge is finished!

Watch this space for round 3, the final, and most interesting round!

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