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Video Interview Guide: How to Make a Lasting Impression Over Video

Video Interview Guide: How to Make a Lasting Impression Over Video

By Caroline Morris

Video interviews are the new norm and ought to be embraced. Online recruitment is simply a convention we must all adapt to in order to move forwards. To assist you in this journey, here are 5 key tips you might like to consider and utilise in preparation for your video interview:

1. Dress to impress

Even though you’re not in a face-to-face interview, presenting yourself as a professional will put you in the right mindset and make you look the part. Dressing smart will leave a lasting impression long after the video interview. To make sure you don’t overdo it, try to avoid bright colours for the first interview. Research the company and their culture, this might help you replicate their style.

2. Prepare and practice polite video etiquette

In a video interview, your body language will be visible and therefore, in order to build rapport with your interviewer, it is essential to practice polite etiquette. Here are a few tips that might help you;

· Sit upright and professional, do not slouch or have your feet up

· When listening, nod and smile to show you are engaged

· Use hand gestures when appropriate

· Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview, try not to look at the screen and engage with the camera as if it was the interviewer. This might feel unnatural so it might be best to try it out with a friend or family member beforehand.

· Avoid interrupting your potential employer, listen carefully, ask relevant and direct questions- be careful not to repeat yourself.

· Consider practising this a few times before your interview and make sure you have a glass of water to hand. Sipping regularly may help you to avoid over-talking.

3. Set an interview environment

Location is key to portray yourself in a professional way. Here is a check-list of what you might like to prepare in advance of your video interview:

· Find a quiet and private environment free of clutter and interruptions

· Choose a well-lit area, but make sure you don’t appear as a silhouette if you are sitting right in front of a window

· Make sure your camera is at eye level, sit up straight with a professional posture

· Close all unnecessary web browser tabs and applications, remove all distractions. Put your phone in another room, or on silent. You do not want a message, or call distracting you. This will only throw you off course. Make sure all household members are aware of your interview.

· Keep pen and paper to hand: take notes and write down points you would like to refer to later on in the interview.

4. Test your tech

In this day and age, unstable internet connection, poor audio and disrupted video is not as easily forgiven and can give the impression to your potential employer that you are unprofessional and slightly amateur. To avoid this scenario, here are a few things you might like to look out for:

· Make sure your device is fully charged

· Check that your device is connected to a strong Wi-Fi with a good speed. If you are unsure on your internet speed you can test it at speedtest.net

· Check that your computer’s audio is working

· Test your webcam for a clear video (you will need at least 1 Megabyte per second for HD video)

· If the interview requires you to log onto a platform, test this out beforehand in case you encounter any difficulties- you want to avoid being late at all costs

· Make yourself familiar with the video platform/software provider that will be used in the interview by testing it out with a friend or family member

· If you are giving a presentation, ensure that the software that you will be asked to use allows you to share your screen

· Lastly, make sure you have the telephone number of the interviewer, just in case you are having issues with the technology so you can always get in touch with them

5. Focus on the benefits, smile and enjoy!

Focus on the benefits of interviewing on video and enjoy it! Relish the fact that you won’t need to worry about the journey to the location and the potential of getting lost or being late. Make use of the advantage of having your CV to hand and a pen and paper to write down notes, relevant questions, or thoughts that you might like to refer to later on in the interview. Use post-it notes to act as prompts to guide the conversation and raise interesting and relevant discussion points. Always ask about the hiring timeline and if you are able to provide them with further information, documents, or tasks that might assist them in the process.

If you are attending a video interview, QC Legal would be delighted to provide you with more advice and direction on presenting yourself in the best way to help you make a lasting impression on your potential future employer. Please feel free to get in touch 0161 880 0118 amelia.rose@qclegal.com

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