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Why you need sunshine

Why you need sunshine

By Qasim Zahid

Rejoice! The UK is basking in sunshine. 25, 30 degrees. Hot, sweltering & glorious sunshine. Enjoy. Relax. Take it all in.

If you’ve had the displeasure of living in the North the past month, you’ll know WHY the last couple of days mean so much. June has been miserable. May was mediocre. April, surprisingly, the best it’s ever been.

In fact, no matter where you live in Britain, we can all agree that sunny, hot weather is rare.

So don’t be weird. When the sun is out, get active. No excuses. This doesn’t happen often.

Here are the 5 KEY reasons why you need to.

Note: your doctors won’t reveal this to you. They mean well but they’re inept at functional health.

(Disclaimer: Please make sure to follow all Covid-19 rules in accordance with the government guidelines)

More Vitamin D

This is the 250th time this month you’ve heard someone mention Vitamin D. It’s boring, I know. What nobody tells you is that there is ONE key reason WHY Vitamin D is so crucial to your health.

ENERGY. That’s right. Energy and lots of it. Put aside the caffiene and see how much more alive you feel after a good sun soak session.

There’s more to Vitamin D but energy is never discussed.

2. Tan

Let’s face it. If you’re tanned, with a pale or dark complexion, you look better. This is universal. If you look better, you feel better.

3. Serotonin

What is serotonin? The happiness hormone. That’s right, you’re happier when you have sunlight. Test it for yourself and email us to tell us how amazing you felt after your suns soak session.

4. Solar Training

My favourite. A secret amongst the fitness community. Working out under full sunlight is double empowering. Sunshine & exercise!

5. Why not?

You live in a very average, largely cold, damp & wet climate for the majority of the year. Get out and enjoy the few days/weeks of sunshine you get.

Watch this space for more content!

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