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You need to get Insta Good – Part 1

You need to get Insta Good – Part 1

By Qasim Zahid

How to grow your presence on Instagram & why you can’t waste your time with it.

Why is your Instagram account something you need to get right?

Because it’s the new magazine, news outlet & ultimate form of advertising for your products/services/brand.

Right now, billions of people turn to it on a daily basis. These people fall in to two camps. Consumers or Creators. Sometimes, they’re merged. There are Artists & Influencers. Small & Medium sized Businesses. Freelancers & large corporates on Instagram. EVERYONE is on Instagram. What is their purpose?

To grab people’s attention.

What do you intend to do with that attention? That’s entirely up to you. It may be to drive sales. To promote your brand. Raise a campaign. Only you know why you need that attention.

Which brings me to my first point. Before you go ANY FURTHER, I want you to answer the WHY? Why are you on Instagram? This will tell you what you need to do. When you’ve answered this, your strategy is clear.

On to my second point. The HOW? Specifically, how to grow. The following advice comes DIRECTLY from influencers and my own research. Pay attention. Here are three tips for you to use right away:

Your Bio.

Sounds easy right. Anyone can do a good bio right? Wrong. People make the mistake of forgetting KISS (keep it simple stupid) when promoting their page. Your bio should include the following:

Who you are & what you do

Location (if applicable) – People are more inclined to buy or connect with you if you’re near to them. If you’re an e-commerce business, just mention you ship worldwide.

Call To Action – this should include a link in the bio explaining to people what your purpose is ‘buy products’ or ‘book your appointment’

Contact – Your website and email should be stated clearly on your bio.

Tell a story with your Instagram Feed

This one is so important. People buy from you when they connect you with authenticity and relatability. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of your clients. Videos work even better. They are more effective at TELLING A STORY. Show people how you work. What is life like working at YOUR company. Remember it’s your company, not anyone else’s. You have the right to show off (be appropriate).

Another great way to do this is to promote a lifestyle with your pictures. One which is in sync with your brand or service.


“Hashtags are for Twitter’

Wrong. Hashtags are allowed on Instagram and more importantly, they are INTEGRAL to getting noticed. Someone who I respect told me to think of hashtags ‘as 30 ways to promote your business’. Insta only allows thirty so you need to be creative. Here’s how:

When posting a picture, before you post your hashtags, think of what your industry is. When you hashtag the word for that industry ie ‘weddings’, you will get a bunch of sub hashtags. These could be ‘weddingDJ’ or ‘wedding dancer’ etc. If you’re a business based in a certain city, for example Newcastle, then hashtag ’Newcastleweddings’ or ‘NewcastleweddingDJ’. You never know who is paying attention. That person could be your next customer!

Watch this space for more unique content. Don’t forget to check out our own Instagram page on www.instagram.com/qclegal

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