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You Need To Get Insta Good – Part 2

You Need To Get Insta Good – Part 2

By Qasim Zahid

Welcome back to the second edition of how you, as a business, can get better with your Instagram following.

The aim of the game is to INCREASE the amount of followers you have, and in return, generate ATTENTION for your business. For more on attention, you can visit my previous article.

If you haven’t read Part 1, you can read it here. Today we’re going to look at Social Proof. Let’s jump right in.

Cover Photos

Cover Photos are an excellent way to help you stay consistent with your message. Think of cover photos as a way to show how you work. Think about results you’ve achieved, or a customer review.

The cover photo should promote your business. Doing this at the top of a sleek video is a great way to look sleek. The more sleek, the more authentic. The more authentic, the more SOCIAL PROOF. People will trust you.

The best resource for cover photos is on Canva.com. Pixabay.com & Pinterest are also recommended.

Brand Ambassadors
If you have a product or service based business, finding the RIGHT brand ambassadors will exponentially propel your brand forward. Make sure they take nice CLEAR images, have lots of engagement (150 + Comments on average), 2,5000+ likes on average, and 25k + real followers. Be sure to repost their photos on your page.

Instagram Highlights
This is a tremendous way to look legit. What are Highlights? The Highlights sit below the Bio, and allow you to showcase your business, using images/events that are collated together. Was it a deal you were working on? You can compile a Highlight of the deal, showing your preparation, going to the meeting, pictures in different offices, your travel, the hustle, return to the office etc etc. Use your imagination!

That will conclude Part 2.

Well done. You’re on your way to the top of Instagram.

On the next & final part of getting Insta Good, we will look at presentation. This is all about HOW you post something to b generate attention.

For more information, you can find us on www.qclegal.com.

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