Legal Recruitment Agency Manchester

About QC Legal

The internet has made the legal job market a bigger place granting lawyers access to opportunities across the world. With a physical footprint in Manchester, QC Legal have successfully exported its brand into the UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore and more recently, continental Europe. Our expertise sits in legal search and selection, and we are genuine global strategists, with corporate relationships that cascade down from Managing and Senior Partners to Department Heads. Our gateway allows us to gain access to UK jobs in law and with our connections Internationally, we can connect you to the right firm.

So what makes us different? Not only our vast market knowledge, but our care and consideration towards clients and candidates alike, as well as our ongoing devotion to commercial excellence. We have a live updated Legal Job Search which gives you access to the latest vacancies.

We have a longstanding proven track record in placing people  from teams, to partners, to associates. Aside from filling legal vacancies for our clients, we have been the architects behind numerous firm mergers. With the inevitable consolidation of the legal market, we are brought in as expert advisors to guide our clients in ensuring they make the right decision in choosing their merging partner.

If you want bespoke advice, we are your natural point of reference. Contact us on 0161 880 0118 and speak to one of our expert Legal Consultants who will give you a comprehensive external overview of the market, allowing you to gain a genuine insight into what’s going on in your space. If there is a job vacancy, whether that be in Manchester, London, the UAE or Singapore, we will have the inside track. We deliver excellence, underpinned by being accredited by the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program, as being expert in field.