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Emma Raducanu: Success Breeds Success

Who would have thought a few weeks’ ago that Emma Raducanu would become a household name in illustrious sport of tennis and Winner of the US Open! She has become an overnight sensation and has us all wondering, where did she come from and how did she manage it?

The biggest lesson that we can take away from Raducanu’s success is how to rise to the top, as a rank total outsider, and win. We may not all be tennis prodigies but we can all learn lessons from Raducanu’s stunning victory.

Raducanu has achieved astonishing success against all odds and conventions. Raducanu’s professional tennis career began 3 short weeks before she cemented her legacy as a grand slam champion forever. Albeit she had been dreaming of winning the grand slam as a young child, Raducanu quickly transformed herself from an A Level student to a sporting legend who will be honoured by the Queen. Moreover, Raducanu was victorious against Leylah Annie Fernandez 6-4, 6-3 in a match of the highest intensity. This was Raducanu’s second grand slam main draw appearance and no woman in the Open era has ever won in so few attempts.

Universal Lessons Learned?

The easiest way to understand how to succeed the way Raducanu has despite all odds is to look at the different milestones, the skills needed to get there and how we can apply that to our lives in order for us to achieve truly outstanding results. Our 4 pillars to success:

1. Set Yourself Goals

Everything you do in life should be structured by goals and the clarity of achieving them. In her first match, Raducanu set herself the first goal of merely replacing her AirPods which she lost right before her match however, she ended up winning a staggering total of $2.5 million. The lesson from this isn’t to misplace your technology, it is to set yourself a realistic goal before you do anything. In practice, this would mean before you go into your 10am meeting, think to yourself: ‘what do I want to achieve in this meeting?’ The more goals you set yourself, the more you can achieve which reinforces positivity into your daily thinking. Without this, you can often find yourself at the end of the week totalling up what you haven’t achieved rather than celebrating all of the goals that you have achieved.

2. Welcome Failure

One of the biggest misconceptions of success is that you need to actively try to avoid failure. For example, while Raducanu was playing in each tournament she wasn’t thinking to herself: ‘I need to not lose this match’ – she was thinking about the game plan she needed to execute in order to win. The logic in this is that the more you try to avoid failure, the less you are striving to succeed. Success is not just avoiding failure, it is categorically achieving or surpassing your goals. Which leads nicely onto the next point….

3. Success is Subjective

This is possibly the most important take home of this article; success is truly subjective. Each person has their own goals, obstacles, and achievements that they hold close to their heart. For example, Raducanu has stated in interviews that her biggest triumph was the fact that she managed to only think about her game plan, but that she executed it with aplomb and clinical precision. Winning the tournament wasn’t the most important thing to her. The worst thing you could do is measure your own success with someone else’s yardstick. Always remember that success is a very personal milestone!

4. Never Become Complacent

This one is simple. Every success, whether small or big, can and should be used as motivation and drive you towards your next success. For example, the next steps for Raducanu will entail more matches, sponsorship deals and further success. The application of this is simple, use each success – no matter its size or scale, to breed more success. For example, when you have a successful meeting turn it into a successful day, week, month, so on and so forth. Although, it is perfectly okay to be content with your success so far, never let it hold you back from pushing further.

The steps to success seem simple, however, these are things we face and struggle with every day that we need to overcome. The problem usually stems from the fact that we overthink everything and let fear rule our lives. Put simply, you need to let go of the fear of failure, start striving for success and allow your success to breed further success so that it becomes a positive multiplier? Put the framework in place, creating building blocks, know the steps in the journey and desire to surpass your personal best!

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