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Lawyer, Counsel, Associate and  Solicitors Jobssolicitor jobs

Lawyer, Counsel, Associate and Solicitorthese are four different names associated with solicitor jobs. Although these titles are commonly used amongst various firms and organisations it is still Solicitors that we use in the UK. However depending on where the firms roots are based it contributes what influences description.

What does a Lawyer, Counsel, Associate or Solicitor do?

A Lawyer, Counsel, Associate or Solicitor is tasked to legally represent and protect a clients interests and provide expert legal advice based on the current law. The representation of a Lawyer, Counsel, Associate or Solicitor will vary depending on their area of practice. For example, a Lawyer, Counsel, Associate  or Solicitor may work with a client selling their property, maybe a divorce matter or work in house with a businesses dealing with commercial transactions.

The common duties of a solicitor’s job role may include:

  • Legal documentation both drafting and preparing paperwork
  • Providing legal advice for clients pro bono as well as billed
  • Solicitors may be called upon to represent clients in court.
  • Providing pro bono for legal services
  • Conducting legal research for cases

How do you become a solicitor?

There are various routes you can take towards qualifying as a solicitor; however, the traditional route is as follows:

  • Obtain a law degree or an alternative undergraduate degree followed by the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).
  • The Legal Practice Course (LPC)
  • Period of recognised training (2 years)
  • Admission to the Roll of Solicitors

What do firms want to see in applicants for a solicitor jobs? 

The abilities of successful Lawyer, Counsel, Associate and Solicitor include:

  • Ability to communicate clearly – Lawyer, Counsel, Associate and Solicitors will often have to explain complex legal concepts and actions to clients who may not have a solid understanding of the law.
  • Complete attention to detail – You will have to ensure proof reading and accuracy of all legal documentation.
  • Self Motivation – an important part of administration work  is accuracy, quality of content. Motivation for the role and the wider cause is therefore essential to the job.

A great way to find out more about solicitor jobs is by attending forums or legal networking events.


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