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Welcome to QC Legal - UK's Leading Legal Recruitment Specialist

What do we do?

We are a Legal Recruitment Agency based in Manchester. We find legal jobs for solicitors and legal professionals across the UK. We specialise in connecting firms with Legal staff they need. 

Why use QC Legal?

With decades of experience and a vast knowledge of the Legal Industry we know the value of a good employer and a good employee. Our legal Job search starts with our database of solicitor vacancies saving time to find the right position for you.

Use our legal job search.

We update our list of legal position such as solicitor vacancies in Manchester or legal jobs in the UK on our Legal Jobs Board.  Refine the search to find the best legal job in the UK suited for you. Click on Search for a legal jobs to find out more.

Get your CV in front of the right people.

We know what the human resources at legal firms are looking for. We can help make sure your CV goes to the right person instead of being lost in piles of applications. Submit your CV and let us get you the best chance of landing your dream job with a great salary.

Make the first step to a new career.

Solicitor or Lawyer vacancies –  which ever name you start with, your specialist job in Property Litigation, Commercial or Corporate law is waiting for you. Let us connect you. Give us a call for an informal chat on 0161 880 0118 or Email us on

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Solicitor Job Vacancies
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