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Tips for a Top CV  

Solicitor Job Vacancies

When applying for a new job, your CV is usually the first document seen by agencies and potential employers so it’s crucial to make your first impression impactful. A well-crafted CV is a fantastic way to showcase your experiences, career highlights and attractive qualities. At QC Legal we come across hundreds of CV’s weekly and needless to say we have seen it all; the good and the bad!

We’re going to share a few top tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to make sure your CV stands out in front the right people and for all the right reasons.

Use a clear format. Using clear sections, subheading and bullet points is a great way to help employers sift through your CV to pick out key information they are looking for. Ensure your font, font size and formatting are consistent throughout giving you a clean and appealing CV.

Tailor your CV. Every job you are applying for will be different and have its own skills and requirements so your CV should be customised as such. Read the job description/advert thoroughly to make sure you understand the core elements of the role and who the company is looking for. After doing your own research around the job and the company, tailor your CV to highlight your relevant skills and achievements. You may even use the same language featured in the job advert to describe your own competencies and responsibilities. It may be time consuming to tailor your CV to every job you apply for but it is time and effort well spent.

Sharing experiences. Although the bulk of your CV will be your career history and it is vital to keep your experiences relevant to the role. List your past roles, starting with the most recent and include the name of the company and the dates of employment. Where possible, use statistics and numbers to showcase the scope of your achievements in previous roles. Don’t forget to add the key elements of your education and qualifications that are pertinent to the role in question.

Keeping it concise. We know how tempting it can be to share all the details of your skills and experiences and although it can make for great reading, a lengthy CV can be a nightmare to sift through. Your CV should be no longer than 3 pages and tailoring your CV to the role will ensure you are including the relevant experiences and skills you want to be noticed. Remember, impressing your potential employer with an impactful CV will hopefully see you securing an interview where you can further discuss all your points.

Check and re-check! We cannot stress the important of proof-reading your CV. Making sure it’s up to date, checking for spellings and good grammar and that you have provided accurate dates and numbers are all crucial elements to a professional CV. Why not send it to a trusted family member or friend to proof-read it for you too? Remember this is your window of opportunity to make a lasting impression so don’t overlook this step.

At QC Legal, as part of our candidate focused process we sift through your CV before it is seen by firms. We strive to showcase all our candidates in the best light possible so they stand out from the crowd in front of employers and we work with you every step of the way to increase your chances of landing your next role. If you have any questions about your CV and the roles we have available, contact me on 07496 179066.


A Trainee Recruitment Consultant at QC Legal, passionate about meeting and connecting with new people.