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QC Legal Services

QC Legal Recruitment services provides you a gateway to Business Influencers. We help you prepare, we advise and we will guide you through the maze of options. QC Legal will deliver you to your perfect role.

Information Is Key

The key to getting you your ideal role is to know your push and pull factors. What you want and where you want to be?  The more we know about what makes you tick, the easier it becomes to perfect your move.

Location, Location, Location

We understand how important your career is and location can be a major factor. Understanding your individual needs and goals is the key to unlocking the right door for you in the right places. 

We don’t just collect and forward CVs. We assess and partner. The options we can provide are based on where you would be most happy. It is crucial that every associate finds the right firm to nurture their talent.  We locate the right job in the right place for the right salary to make your move the right one.


We have a proven, almost unique and standalone reputation for the placement of partners, at  both senior, equity level and fixed share. We are totally unrivalled in this space and known as the market experts.

In House

The In-House position is seen as the holy grail of legal jobs. QC Legal have be helping companies build their In House teams for the last three decades. We have successfully filled candidates from GC down.

Our unique connections and relationships with business influencers who know we understand the value of having a great legal team within their own walls gives us the edge.

Newly Qualified (NQ) or Trainee Solicitors 

Being an NQ (Newly Qualified)  should be the most exciting time in your career, but it can also be the most daunting. We have your back.  We can help you prepare your CV and get it to the decision maker without the long drawn out process. QC Legal’s established reputation means we can open doors and get you noticed.  We are the talent scouts of the legal jobs worlds. 

We are here for you whenever you need. Come have a chat. We’ll even buy the coffee. Call: 0161 880 0118 Or Email:

Wondering who we work with?

Click here to see the list of firms that we partner with to place the brightest minds in the best roles.

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