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At QC Legal, we continue to consolidate our position as a dynamic industry leader, providing legal talent solutions at every level. We work on some of the most game-changing movements of legal talent, realigning the brightest minds with the best opportunities.

QC Legal are Legal Human Resources specialists. Our vast experience and connections have assisted qualified professionals to find the right legal job vacancies in the UK. We are not restricted to the UK. QC Legal have built strong relationships to legal firms internationally with strong ties in Singapore, Hong Kong, and UAE, We update our legal job search database of companies offering jobs for lawyers on a daily basis with new legal vacancies and solicitors jobs.

Many businesses benefit from our help assisting Human Resources professionals to deal with the majority of their work functions, predominantly in overseeing and managing Contracts, Hiring, Employee Benefits, and Wages. All this is done with confidentiality.


Law firms are constantly evolving, and it is vital there is more to your practice than just being technically competent. Utilising our expert market knowledge, we can help you identify your strengths and what sets you apart from the crowd to help find the right firm for you.


QC Legal has established itself as the consultancy of choice when it comes to partner moves, which form an integral part of our business. If you are indeed a partner looking for a move, get in touch and let us do the hard work for you.

Trainee and NQ

Trainees and newly-qualified solicitors are often faced with difficult career decisions that could impact upon their entire futures. If you are unsure as to what your next step should be, then speak to us.

Mergers, Lateral Hires and Team Moves

We have a longstanding proven track record in placing people from teams, to partners, to associates.  We have been the architects behind numerous law firm mergers. With the inevitable consolidation of the legal market, we are brought in as expert advisors to guide our clients in ensuring they make the right decision in choosing their merger partner.

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