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Leverage our network across a range of specialisations. Our legal recruitment team is committed to placing the right candidates in the right roles. We are not like the others. We put you first. This is about your ambitions, not ours.


Manchester is great. We just like to extend our reach beyond it. Successful placements all over the globe are not a fluke. Our team achieve them day in, day out. The world is yours, just show us where you have placed your pin. An international move can be enjoyable in the right hands.



We understand how important your career is. That is why we want to take the time with you to make sure it is delivered correctly. Understanding your individual needs and goals is the key to unlocking the right door for you.

We don’t just collect and forward CVs. We assess and partner. We give your skillset the time it warrants. The options we can provide are based on where you would be most happy. It is crucial that every associate finds the right firm to nurture their talent. We work on honest communication. It is the way we have always worked. It is the most effective way of getting you to the next stage of your career.



Discreet and professional. It’s easy to understand why we are the number one choice for partner moves. You will trust us because of our thoroughness and diligence. We will put your ambitions front and centre. The same way we always work.

No two cases are the same. Let us build the foundations based on your individual design. Together we can exceed whatever expectation you set. Wherever you decide to set it.


In House

For good reason, some see this as the Holy Grail. A new approach. A change of scenery. In-house is growing rapidly as clients understand the value of having a legal team within their own walls. We understand the process. You can trust us to get this right.



There aren’t many recruitment houses who can genuinely point to a score of successful mergers. We can. Our detailed guide lets us understand how the market has developed. We can show you the art of the possible. Total discretion is key. We will connect you to the right people to facilitate your objectives.


Trainees and NQ

The most exciting time can also be the most daunting. We have your back. Call us. We are here for you whenever you need. Our experience will get your career on track. We’ll even buy the coffee.


Wondering who we work with?

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