Thirty Years.

Thirty years of experience. Thirty years of learning. Thirty years of connecting the right people to the right companies.

Your voice guides us.

Our ability to listen twice as much as we speak is what sets us apart.


We’re only interested in victories.

Your goals and our drive will put you on the top of the table.


We believe in candidates, not commodities.

We want to know the reasons why you get out of bed in the morning. We want to know where you want to be in five years. Ten years. Twenty years.


Short term fixes are not for us.

The firm you choose should be your home away from home. We will be there to help you pick it wisely.


Matching the right people with the right firms is what we do.

Our long-proven track record speaks for itself. The knowledge we have doesn’t happen overnight.


No time is a bad time.

We are ever-present and available to guide you. The next move you make is your choice. Our team will make it the right one. Fancy a chat? We love to talk almost as much as we love to listen.


A note from the CEO.

“QC Legal was founded on a more intelligent approach to the business of building legal teams, and a more compassionate approach to the business of navigating legal careers. 
Our brand, our processes and our people have been evolving for thirty years, and where we are today as a market leader is a culmination of everything that we have learned from the talented lawyers that have walked through our doors. 
Understanding the strengths and personalities of the candidate, as well as the culture of the firms in which we place them, has enabled us to move the business forward and perfect our craft. 
I have spent the last thirty years working alongside people who I have regarded not merely as colleagues, or candidates, but as friends, allies and great sources of knowledge and inspiration.
On behalf of the whole team, thank you.”
Ben Haider, CEO

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