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Legal Networking

Legal NetworkingLegal networking is a great way to seek new job opportunities and build contacts and relationships that gives you a better insight into your industry. It adds to your know-how and allows you to acquire the skills to become a future influencer.

Don’t let a few turbulent years, lockdowns and Covid get in the way of your networking.  Shake off that inertia, that uncertainty, and get mingling again.  Apart from anything else, it’s real fun!  Networking allows you to push out your personal brand and allows your contacts to better understand your personal values.

What is there not to like?! 

Honestly, it’s not as intimidating as you first think, and let’s face it, the more you network the better you become at it.  Simple.

The rules of successful networking:

1 – Decide carefully where and how you want to be seen.  Meetings that will be beneficial for you to get known.  From work events and workshops to conferences and socials, there are a range of options that offer networking potential. Social media is an invaluable tool to gauge what events are taking place in your area beyond work so you can broaden your social net and meet other professionals with similar interests.

2 – Preparing for a networking event is key to ensuring your first impressions are lasting impressions. Set some personal networking goals you want to achieve from an event which might include swapping business cards or exchanging LinkedIn details. Have your contact details ready to pass to people you’d be interested in talking with further.  Be confident enough to ask for a follow up meeting, pop across to their office or neutral venue.  You might not know it, but they might also be in networking mode.

3 – Remember that when networking, listening is just as important as talking. When meeting other industry professionals, try to prepare a few questions in advance in order to make the most of your meetings. In addition to asking important questions about them, their interests, their goals and ambitions, try to go beyond the surface and find out what they enjoy doing outside work to make a deeper connection.  Don’t underestimate a good handshake, eye contact, open body language and friendly smile.  How do you want to be seen and remembered?  Impressions always count, especially first ones!

4 – Creating authentic relationships is more important than the number of contacts you have.  Keep in touch with those you’ve connected with after an event who you have something in common with.  Sending a quick message or email to your new contacts and engaging with their content will help you maintain effective and on-going relationships.  Successful networking takes time.  There is no quick fix.  Look to play the long game.  Authenticity has to be the bedrock of your new relationships.

5 – Practice makes perfect – make a conscious effort to build genuine and lasting professional relationships and your business network will grow organically.

Most of all and finally, when networking, be ready to have some serious fun, but within professional parameters!

I hope you enjoyed the above read. If you’d like to share some of your own networking tips and tricks, please leave a comment below!

If you’re interested in hosting a networking event with QC Legal, send an email to and let’s broaden our social net together!


A Trainee Recruitment Consultant at QC Legal, passionate about meeting and connecting with new people.